Love your bag, who makes it?

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  1. WT%%. This happened to me not once but three times yesterday when I was Christmas shopping at a metropolitan mall in the midwest. One gal sniped, after I told her the purse's creator, I'd never spend the money like you (like I care?)..

    What made all of this so awkward was the fact that my shopping partner is a very frugal individual and I never discuss my purse expenditures with her. This gal was stunned that three people stopped and asked me the same question. She said she has never seen anything like that before.

    I just tried to change the subject.:wtf:
  2. What was the bag? :graucho:
  3. :roflmfao:
  4. my friend was complimented my balenciaga bags... actually a lot of people complimented them, but they don't know that it's a designer bag :P
    so when they said they would like to buy one, and asked me how much, i would go,"hmmm... quite expensive"
    if they insist, and i said the price, they would stunned.
  5. Something kind of similar happened to my brother when I took him Xmas shopping today. He was wearing this weird cartoon gorilla sweatshirt and at least 10 people asked about it! When we went into Nordstroms 3 sales women ran up to him at the same time to ask where he got it and who the designer was (Bape?). It was so weird to see my 17 year old brother's weird sweatshirt oogled over by everyone.
  6. What bag? I hate that someone asked then judged you though, that's pretty lame.
  7. haha!!! I just tell them to go get their bags from Topshop.
  8. those people will never understand us.
  9. ^^ AHahahah