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  1. Joe's JEANS that is....:P

    I'm a bit of a whiney baby right now as I have packed on some poundage and have a ton of gorgeous jeans and slacks in my closet that I just can't fit into anymore. As far as decent jeans for work or going out in public, I got down to JUST ONE PAIR...some Old Navy dark denim jeans I got last summer for a steal at $15. They're actually pretty decent, but let's face it, you're not going to get the same look & feel from a pair of $15 jeans vs a more pricey pair. My Joe's are too small, and my rock & republics still fit but they ripped in the crotch when I fell down the stairs in my townhouse a few weeks ago :hrmm:.

    I went to the Anthropologie at University Village today (perfect day to NOT go to the mall as it's so warm & gorgeous out), and found a pair of Joe's Muse style...OK I had to go up a size but they felt SO good. It was meant to be. And...hopefully they'll be too big one of these days if I can lose some weight! :boxing::jammin:
  2. I have a bit of a love affair with Joe, too.:love:
  3. i love joe's although i have a couple of pairs that i am not that into anymore and plan to give them away.
  4. this is my next target! ahahahahaha...i got my 7s last week, so next one will be the muse!
  5. They are so comfy and flattering at the same time. I just got a new pair of white ones and they are the best.
  6. Yeah, Joe's fit my booty just right! I have like 3 pairs and love them all
  7. I have become a Joe's convert too! I have a super dark wash pair of "The Muse" that I ADORE and I just got a great pair of crops. :heart::heart::heart:
  8. I love Joe's Jeans! My favorites are the Muse and the Cigarette.
  9. Yay, Joes are my fav!
  10. I love Joe's jeans too! I have two pair, which is a lot for me considering I don't have that many pairs of jeans in total to begin with.
  11. I love Joe too. I only own two pair of SFAM and one citizens that are super old, the rest are Joe's. They fit so well, congrats on your new buy!
  12. Count me in! I love joe's jeans too, I have provocateur since I'm short and petite. They fit like a glove and I don't have to wear expensive tops with them to look well polished.