Love with Unexpected Purses? (A story and a question)

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  1. Here is the first part of the story:
    Back in August, I ordered Aquamarine haircalf Candace from FOS. I got a great deal, and she is incredibly soft and beautiful. I really did love her. Fast forward to yesterday when I returned her because, since August when I got her, I carried her exactly once. Around my house. Oh sure, I took her out and petted her. I even put all of my stuff in her more than once to use her for real, but it always took it all back out and used a different bag instead. I was terrified to carry her. There was always a chance it might rain, or I was going someplace where she might get dirty for some reason. Or there's the fact that I spill my Starbucks. A lot. And so she languished in her dust bag in my closet.

    And now the second part of the story:
    The other day at my outlet when I was returning the Cognac Duffle because I kept Rory instead, I saw the Madison gathered twist leather N/S Satchel in black and picked her up to look at her on me in the mirror. She looked pretty good. I thought I was safe to look at her because I had never really been all that impressed with the style on the Coach website. In fact, I hadn't really liked her at all. Seemed like an odd shape. Long story short (too late!), I didn't sleep well over the weekend for thinking about this satchel. I learned awhile back that if I ever want to sleep decently again, I had better go back and buy that bag. I couldn't afford her though as I've spent far too much on Coach of late. On Sunday night, I packed up haircalf Candace yet again, only to unpack her an hour later and move in to Dark Plume Phoebe instead.
    And there it was: my answer.
    I marched into the outlet yesterday morning, returned unused Candace and walked out with Madison gathered twist N/S Satchel. I carried her today, and this bag that I never actually liked is one of my favorite bags. I couldn't stop looking at her, and she made me smile every time I did! She is roomy and her beautiful purple interior fits everything beautifully. She even holds all those student papers with room to spare. I keep marveling at the odd turn of events!
    How could this bag that never even crossed my radar aside from turning my nose up at her turn out to be so perfect and beautiful?!

    So here is my question (if you made it this far):

    What bag do you love like crazy that you never expected to fall for?

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  2. I'll have to think of a bag, but for now that is one gorgeous bag. Congrats on finally getting a bag you love.
  3. I completely understand! This bag wasn't on my radar either until I saw her at the store. I was in love! Brought her home yesterday. :smile:
  4. I completely understand. Completely.

    The same thing happened to me with Phoebe. I kept saying I didn't like the compartments and that she was too big. Then a couple of weeks ago I was in Dillards and they had the regular size Camel Phoebe for 30% off. I tried her on and she just felt right on my arm. The leather was so soft and smooshy and wonderful. I didn't even mind the compartments. Needless to say, she came home with me, and since then I've ordered the small Black/Gold Black Phoebe from and just last week I got the Midnight Oak small Phoebe from Dillards during their handbag trade in event.

    Before that, I kept saying I only liked the smaller Candace, that the medium Candace was too big for me. Well, guess who now owns 5 medium Candaces to go witht he 6 smaller Candaces she already owned?

    I am learning never to say never when it comes to handbags. I eat my words every time. :P

    Congrats on your new bag. It's great that you returned a bag you weren't using to get a bag you will use and love.
  5. Phoebe! Went in the store, SA pulled all the stuffing out and threw her on my arm. I was in love. Next thing I know she was gifted to me. Never expected to love a bag so much.
  6. There have been a few bags that I thought weren't for me, only to realize later that I love them and had to have one. When I can't stop thinking about a bag, then I know it's one that I need to get. Congrats, your bag is a beauty!
  7. Very interesting story! I know how you feel about worrying about a "too" fancy bag. I have returned one of those before and I didn't feel bad at all even though it took me months to do it!

    Wow! You have me looking at this one again. I tried on the same style without twisted leather - but this is Wow! Enjoy - glad you didn't wait to use her.

    What store did you find her at? In case I NEED one? Ha, ha.
  8. Very pretty! I haven't had the buyers remorse or as we call it "purchasers regret" (lol, inside joke) or have i found that bag That made me think- ehh, only later to adore....but I'm always glad when ladies in TPF admit when a bag just isn't practical or functional and return rather than refuse to admit it. No since in holding onto the wrong bag when she may be someone else's *right* bag! Annd your obviously so much more thrilled. Now be careful w/ your Starbucks and enjoy!! :smile:
  9. Thank you! :smile:

    Yay! Twins!! :biggrin:

    Thank you! I totally agree: from now on, no Never for me either! Lol!

    Phoebe started all this for me, and it have two and love them as well! :smile:
  10. #10 Oct 29, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2013
    That's it exactly--if I can't get it out of my head, then I know I'd better just get it! :graucho:

    I kept telling myself that I would use her eventually, but I just kept making excuses not to. I really did love the haircalf Candace and I was sad to return her, but she was doing no one any good sitting in my closet. Seemed like such waste of a lovely bag. Sigh.
    I found this one at the Aurora Farms Premium outlets Coach outlet in Ohio. I still can't believe how much nicer she is IRL than in pictures! At 50% off! she actually cost more than I had paid for the Candace, but it was worth the loss!

    It wasn't so much buyers remorse as owners fear! Lol! I have two other Candace bags that I love and carry all the time, but the haircalf just seemed so.... potentially dirtiable! I was thinking when I returned her, and told the SA as well, that I was hoping that someone would buy her that would actually carry her and show her off because she really is to-die-for! :smile: I am getting better at the Starbucks juggling without spilling, but that whipped cream pops out on me sometimes, still! :biggrin:
  11. It was the Phoebe for me!! I originally purchased a regular Phoebe when they were first introduced (or shortly afterward). They oohed and awed in the store, but when I got home, I thought she was so large, no shape and looked like a feed sack on me!!! I returned her the next day!!! Fast forward to today, I have Phoebe once again, but this time in the small!!! Can I say I love her so much now that I returned my Madeline regular size satchel in chestnut for small chestnut Phoebe, as well as purchasing a black violet small Phoebe from FP with PCE and a cranberry small Phoebe from the outlet!! She is about the perfect bag for me!! Lightweight and beautiful!!!
  12. Im a planned buyer. I go though all the details in my head like what to wear with the color, when to wear it, etc...... That said: small phoebe! I just had to have the gray quartz color and well it came in Phoebe ;). I thought ok well lets check this out, got her, put her on and LOVED it!!!
  13. The only bag that I can think of that falls into that category is my suede Alexandria, but that probably isn't a fair comparison. She came out before I was into Coach (this time) so I don't know how I would have reacted if I had been into Coach at the time. I know that when I saw this style on ebay or the newer versions at the outlet I never thought twice about her - she seemed too big for me. But when I found suede embossed Alexandria at the outlet, a return from a few years before, I fell in love. She is a gorgeous color, I love suede, the details are amazing, and she is extremely comfortable to carry. She moved quickly to my favorites list.

    I have yet to carry aquamarine Candace but I know I will when the weather gets colder. I think she is such a classy bag that I'm not worried she will go out of style. I went through so much to get her that I'm never letting her go!

    I've learned to never say never. Sometimes it just takes a while for me to appreciate certain things.
  14. I totally understand, and I'm glad you found your awesome bag(s)! :biggrin: I have the regular and love her too since she also holds all my stuff!

    The odd part is, I'm usually a planned buyer for the most part, but every once in a while, my plans don't work out, and my gut tells me to listen and it usually works. lol!

    I had planned to wait for fall to carry her as well--something about the haircalf seems like it would work best in the fall and winter to me, but then all I could think of was rain and snow and trying to walk across campus without getting her ruined. :sad: She is a gorgeous, classy bag, and my other two Candace's are amazing, so I will just stick with non-haircalf from now on! ;)
  15. First of all, that bag is TDF!!! Hoping I find one soon.

    For me, it's my black Rory. Never ever considered a rory, was in my local outlet one day & bought her on impulse, thinking I'd probably return but I'd give her a try. Well now she's one of my favorite (top 3) bags ever! The legacy leather on black rory is amaaazzinggg, so soft & slouchy, every time I carry her I can't stop myself from petting the leather!