Love white t-shirts-Worth $720?

  1. So, I fell in love with the new LOVE line in my Bazaar, there was a white t-shirt with LOVE on it. I promptly called my LV store to see how much it was....Gasp $720!!

    Now is that too much to pay for a white t-shirt? And how long will this truly be in style. Me and white...aren't the best of friends. Me and white with some sort of smudge, now we are super close.

    Anyone buy an LV t-shirt before? I am thinkin maybe I should invest it in the nee Love tote instead.

  2. NO!!
    I'd sooner have a bag.:shrugs:
  3. Heck NO! That's a crazy sticker price for a t-shirt. I can buy another LV bag with that money. :wtf:
  4. Guess if your a zillionaire $720 is reasonable
  5. No- I'd save for a bag.
  6. if you have to ask then the answer is usually no :smile: how about just getting the LoVe scarf instead?
  7. $720??? :wtf:
  8. I would rather have a bag. For me, that is a lot of money for a t-shirt. Even though I try to take care of things, I just know that somehow I would ruin it.
  9. I dunno, the answer to this q depends on how much you like it. To me, as long as a person LOVES (ironic, ya i know lol) a certain product, then it's worth it to this specific person, whether or not others dis/approve of it.:biggrin:
  10. I guess people are saying this about us spending so much on if you're a t-shirt addict...go for it
  11. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :nuts: :push:
  12. no thanks - I'll pass! :wtf:
  13. I personally wouldn't spend that much money on a tshirt when I could buy a bag or several cute accessories.
  14. $720.00 [​IMG].
  15. Sure.. maybe if you already have a lot of bags, but I'd waaaay rather have a bag ! :graucho: