LOVE Vicky's PRADA bag!!!

  1. :love: :love: :love:
  2. aw :love:
  3. I don't love the bag, but I love the shades.
  4. her hair looks amazinggg in this pic :smile:
  5. she is so stunning! I love her taste!
  6. Thats a PRADA?
  7. is that at the last england game coz i have a bone to pick with Vicky B... did you guys see when Becks came off injured the way she stood up.. posed... and then did this fake posey clap... hahahahhaa i was cracking up going WTH is that fake clap ??
  8. Yes.:yes: Istn't it GORGEOUS?!
  9. She looks great as usual. I am amazed how she always carries such large'mommy' bags. I love that about her.:tender:
  10. :lol: I think she is in her own world
  11. great bag!!!:yes::supacool:
  12. Because she does fake,posey everything. I mean...look at the picture above...if that isn't fake and posed....

    She's so used to it it's become second nature now. How sad.:lol:

    Uhm...nice bag,though.
  13. It would suck tho to be out in public like that knowing someone is always watching freaky. It would be difficult not to pose or be overly conscious of your facial expression/posture/emotions/reactions etc.
  14. That bag is YUMMY!
  15. Very cute! Haven't seen that bag before. Must be fall 06 and of course she has it before anyone else. :cutesy: :cutesy: