LOVE Valentino, but need to stop spending money for awhile?

  1. I'm on a ban through the summer :cry:

    I spent $64 filling up my car on friday :tdown:
  2. I am trying as well...I am sitting on Mulberry sofa with other ladies and we have to put a shame red @ next to the name if we fall off sofa for any item - key fob or a purse....and it is fun, there you see how your name is at the bottom of sofa list when you report a fall, but better feeling is when you mount up the list because you have been good...unfortunatelly it is ONLY for Mulberry goodies, girls reveal other buys ... anyway I need a support group whenever and wherever I can find one :smile:
  3. I am also on a roll in non-stop buying different things.. and still always checking for good deals.. I need to on ban for at least a few months.. so that I will be able to save some money for some wish list item during summer sale....
  4. Awesome! I'm so glad we can be here to support one another. I will warn you, I have tried MANY times before to stop, but I have never gone longer than a week. So this will be a true test.
  5. I'm sure you'll make it longer LL, as well as all the other ladies here ;)

    Your girls have my total support! :biggrin:

  6. a week?????? u are to funny!!! I thought I was bad!!!!
  7. I know! I'm REALLY bad. But I just made the switch from fall/winter to spring/summer bags and I have to say, I'm so excited to see my old friends! They are just as beautiful as I remember :biggrin:
  8. I'm dreading filling up my SUV's gas tank as just a few days ago, I heard that gas prices for mid-grade gas in my neighborhood were at $3.99/gallon :shucks: I also skipped going to the nicer outlet mall yesterday in order to avoid any shopping temptations at the MK, Cole Haan, and Coach outlets.
  9. Ladies, I spent ZERO dollars today! I didn't buy a single thing :smile: Not even food. Hooray!

    Expy, good for you for skipping the outlet mall! Think of it as an accomplishment, not like you missed out on something!
  10. LL-- good for you! I bought groceries :tup: ...& more nail polish :tdown:

    Expy-- that is some amazing self control!

    note to self: stay away from eBay while on a ban :smash:
  11. That's the thing... those deals are soooo tempting! eBay = evil.
  12. ^I feel like crying that I can't buy some V shoes I saw today :cry:
  13. Don't worry. The right shoes will come at the right time for you. ;)
  14. F&F, I feel for you! I know it's super hard. Today I bid on an H scarf, even though I KNOW I shouldn't have. It was only $100 and that was my justification. I feel so ashamed...
  15. ^'re now obligated to take pics of the scarf on your taupe/nude belted histoire so that I can live vicariously :p

    thanks for the comforting words, mga :hugs: