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  1. Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the silk cord bracelet. I have been noticing it’s popular with young girls every time I go into the store or see people out. Is this too young for women in their 40’s?

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  2. I'm in my 40's...I love mine, I posted it in the "action" thread last week :smile:
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  3. I am in my 50's, wear one with my thin love and BB watch on left wrist. I bought one for my daughter that's in her 20's. I think it looks great no matter how old you are.
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  4. I’m in my my 40’s and love mine.
  5. 30’s here and I’ve been wearing mine permanently for the last couple of years on one wrist with my trinity ring, and BB watch on the other wrist. I don’t think it has an age range.
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  6. In my early 60's. I wear mine all the time.
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  7. It's a very popular piece because of its entry level price - makes it easily accessible to may young people compared with many of Cartier's other pieces. Wear and enjoy what you like at whatever age - the red silk looks great with the one diamond cuff!
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  8. I wear mine all the time, I´m 50. I have a close friend who is 70, she has one too and wears it with her Tank. Looks very beautiful on her as well, I think it`s time- and ageless.
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