Love Tote

  1. So I was thinking about getting the Love Tote PM...but it only comes in ONE color and it's like a darker khaki? I love the LV OE on the front though. But I'm not sure if i would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this bag...anyone that has it....what do you think?
  2. I think it also comes in ecru in the PM size. If you do a search I think a couple PFers have it; I think karman has a khaki PM if I'm not mixing her up with someone else.

    I love the LVOE line; I think it's a really cute play on the monogram!
  3. I have the Ecru PM LVOE tote and I adore it! I used it all summer and really enjoyed it. The only thing I have heard/seen complaint wise is that the letters can crack and scratch. I haven't had any issues but there are a few pics on here if you do a search you will see them. All in all it is a great little bag!
  4. Nope, I have the ecru; noe noelie has the khaki ;)

  5. I have the khaki and used it a lot last year. I'll probably get shot for posting it, but I prefer it to the Matisse.
  6. this bag looks great in person, not so much online.
  7. It's a very cute bag!!!
  8. I have it in Khaki. I love it. And as previous person stated it does look better IRL than the pictures.
  9. I have ecru I've only used it onec or twice but it is an adorable little bag
  10. The bag looked sooo cute IRL... and from what I've seen in Visual Aids pics, it looks like a great and functional tote.
  11. I have the khaki one and it is a fabulous tote! I used it throughout our trip in LA/Las Vegas last summer. The only problem is that the fabric discolors if you get it wet ... my handles are slightly discolored either from wearing it on my shoulders or from the sunblock lotion (there was a heat wave the days we were there).