LOVE tote

  1. I went to pick it up today and passed on it. I just couldn't justify that much money for basically a canvas bookbag type item with beautiful beading....Anyone else feel that way??? OR did I make a mistake.....
  2. I'd say you did the right thing by trusting your gut instinct- and now someone who really wants it will be able to get it ;)
  3. ya... I have higher priorities than that bag lol. Of course, I still like it, I think it's really cute, but I need to save up this year for other necessities
  4. You did the right thing. :yes:
  5. If you didn't love it you made the right choice. any more details? What's it like inside? approx size?
  6. Wise decision.
  7. I love this bag but also don't think I will get it because of the price and the fact that it consists of a few squares of canvas sewn together. I wish they had made it more "special".:sad:
  8. It is not lined, think of a canvas bookbag. It has a zippered canvas pocket inside. On the outside there is a pocket in the front behind where the beading is. The beadwork is really pretty. It is about 12 by 14? that is just a guess. The problem is I loved it but not the price for what it is. The price is because of the beadwork, certainly not the bag itself. I guess if I bought it, it would be to collect not to use, and I just wasn't sure I wanted to buy a collector piece right now.
  9. I agree with you. Personally, I couldn't justify paying that much for the tote. I think you did the right thing.
  10. You made the right choice- don't second guess your self!
  11. I think you made the right choice, love the beading, but the beg was so ordinary, made me think of an arts and craft project.
  12. the bag is too much for my blood. but it is pretty, if you can afford it!
  13. I dont think you made a mistake! The tote is beautiful but it is, imo, definitely not worth the money they are charging
  14. The price on that bag is so ridiculous so I think you made the right decision. Are they even LE????
  15. smart girl...definitely trust your instincts. there will always be a better bag to thrown down money for. :yes: