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  1. I went to get my azur pochette this weekend and got the longer strap in one breath. I had ordered an ebene one to go with my other pochette but decided on this one because if I really want to wear the ebene pochette long i could wear the vachetta strap but ebene would not look cute on azur.

    here are some pics! Excuse the pink fluffy homewear shoes :p

    PICT1376 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1375 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1374 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1372 (Medium).JPG
  2. love the pochette with the long strap!! congrats!

    (i like you pink shoes! :p)
  3. Looks great with the long strap!
  4. Lol, thanks! They match our completely pink toilet perfect! You can see it downstairs on the third pic:okay:
  5. very cute with the long strap!
  6. That looks so cute! I wear my pochette like that too, and I get compliments everytime ;)
  7. wow cool :flowers:
  8. congrats !
  9. That's a nice idea! Looks good.
  10. congrats! looks really good on you
  11. It looks hot!
  12. It's very nice!
  13. Great bag!! Compliments you well!!
  14. Cute! I often wear my mono pochette with the long strap as well. Isn't it great when you can wear a bag several different ways? More for your money. Congrats!!!
  15. It looks great with the long strap!!!!!!!