love to see or read about Hermes items that we should all love to have in our bags

  1. Ok, so I have splurged on a Hermes HAC32cm...I had to sell my entire complete Louis Vuitton cherry Blossom collection and very large multicolore collection and serveral Hermes scarves and gosh I had to pay the rest in cash..but it's worth it! But now, I am searching for all the yummy Hermes goodies to put in it! Yikes!, So far I have an Hermes travel wallet and a Globe trotter agenda and a small Bolide canvas travel tote inside...
    I yet crave an Hermes mirror,an animal or fruit coin wallet and a key case or an animal key chain...sigh....and i suppose I will need a lipstick holder and a cell case and a mini vespa! YIKES!:drool::love:
    What would you love or have aready to organize you and fill your Hermes bag?
  2. I saw a beautiful Hermes little brown bear coin purse on eBay a while darling! :hysteric:I got out bid!
  3. Congratulations on your HAC, it´s beautiful (I´m assuming it´s the one on your profile)! I would suggest you buy a Karo, you can get your tidbits in there nice and clean.
  4. As was suggested a lot of ladies love the Karo ( a little clutch that snaps on top ) for consolidating and carrying small personal things.

    I actually mix my LV and Hermes bag accessories. Hermes croc wallet, Le 24 ( small triangular shaped change purse ) and an address book. LV brown cherry cles, vintage LV checkbook cover.

    The neat thing about the H accessories is that you can pick different colors if you wish and find them easily inside your bag.

    May we see a larger picture of your gorgeous new HAC??
  5. I Do Too Isus :yes:
  6. Honestly, I don't know how I lived without my Karo - I use it ALL the time.

    I also use my Hermes agenda daily.

    Those two things are complete must-haves in my book.
  7. I do three.

    Here's what I currently use (LV, H, Balenciaga)


    I like brown :shame: :lol:

    I think that a key holder of some sort is always a good idea as it really saves the insides and contents of your bags from getting all scratched up.
  8. I went with an orange theme for mine. :shame: All different brands but I love 'em!
  9. ^^^ love that CB!
  10. I have been thinking about recollecting some LV cherry blossom goodies I really like LV's small leather goods they are so handy and well thought out.
  11. I have the same cles Loony!

    Also if a bepop would be good for your cellphone etc.
  12. Cool! :supacool: I really like Epi leather for small items like that because it's so tough and hardly shows any signs of wearing. I wonder if H Epsom is quite similar to Epi in that respect.