Love TJMAXX much?

  1. Today I found two really beautiful purses today. They had a really great selection. I just love the store. But the one closest to where I live has a nicer selection than the other two nearby. Does anyone else love their TJMAXX?
  2. It's really hit or miss, I haven't been in one in a while but once I did get a beautiful Rafe bag on sale that I really liked.
  3. I love TJ Maxx! I've bought Betsey Johnson and Hype from there, as well as a few small Coach items :smile:
  4. I love mine! It's got Prada, D&G, Pucci, BCBG, Michael Kors, Cole Haan, Coach, Juicy Couture and Dooney among other stuff.
  5. I have two (!) TJ Maxx stores within 20 miles of me. They get some pretty good stuff. They get a lot of MICHAEL Michael Kors, Dooney, Coach, Cole Haan, DKNY, and the occasional Isabella Fiore, Juicy, or Andrew Marc. One location got a Marc Jacobs Venetia in Cherry Blossom for $459! I would have grabbed it, but I don't care for the Cherry Blossom color. I don't buy a lot of stuff from TJ Maxx. I do more browsing than buying. However, I did get a pink Dooney cosmetic case there for $34.
  6. It was really hard to choose they had a really nice Cynthia Rowley with a beautiful leather and neat gromets on the handle but I had exceeded my budget by leaps and bounds this month. There were a large number of beautiful italian leather handbags as well. I sometimes wonder if I can get a better deal at Nordstrom's Rack but I keep going back to TJMAXX because I find better deals (at least were I live in AZ).
  7. I have three less than 15 minutes away from me - and I LOVE IT.
  8. Love love love TJMaxx :tup:
  9. merika where are you from that your TJ maxx has such nice designers? mine has LOTS of cole haan, michael kors, betsy johnson, the occasional dooney or coach....beyond that though there is zip.
  10. Love TJ Maxx much? very, very much!

    I feel like I should be on their commercials, I am constantly advertising for them!
  11. OOh I loove TJMaxx! I just bought two bcbg max azria sundresses from there yesterday for $39 each! The MSRP on the original bcbg tag said $230!
  12. I never find anything but crap there..... the ones in AZ never seem to have anything good.
  13. I think it is hit of miss. I have bought some great Lilly Pulitzer sundresses for my daughter last year. I buy a lot of kids toys for birthday gifts and there are usually great buys on bedding, towels and things for the home. I usually browse and keep a open mind when I go there because if you go looking for one thing they never have it. I was not too impressed with their handbags or shoes.
  14. I think the best deal I ever got from TJ Maxx was on a BCBG velour tracksuit. It retailed for $260. I got for $30! Talk about major bargain!
  15. Yeah, I'm wondering too where all these TJMAXX stores with fabulous designer items are located since the one I've been to once or twice is basically filled to the brim with - excuse my french - crap.