Love Tiffany Blue? Wear your love on your nails!

  1. Looks a little weird on nails but I bet it'd be cute with some white details like lace or little flowers!
  2. i have that color, so cute. it's actually on my toes right now.
  3. ^I bet it looks so cute on feet!
  4. Or bows like its tied around a box. I kinda like it. I love Tiffany blue.
  5. That's soooo cool! I love the Tiffany Blue shade. I'll have to get some for my toes.
  6. I wouldn't personally choose to wear it..but it's very pretty, color wise.
  7. ^^ I agree - I'd have a hard time matching it to anything I wear, but it is a pretty color.
  8. I think that looks cute! But it would totally clash with all my clothes.
  9. THAT IS SOOOO CUTE :drool: I want some!!!
  10. I love china glaze nail polish, i have to buy me a bottle. i collect nail polishes & i love bright colors.
  11. I bet that would look so cute with only one coat and maybe a french tip on the toes? :smile:
  12. I just picked up a few bottles of this. I think it would look adorable on toes!
  13. Cool! I dont think i would wear it though, but very nice.
  14. cool blog also, thanks for linking it!