Love those SOCKS!!!

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  1. Are they in stores yet? How much are they? I want all the colors!!! :drool:hehe...thank you....more pics on!
    00290m.jpg 00030m.jpg
  2. They are really cute.
  3. Yep fell in love with those -- I'll be in NY at Prada this weekend and can let you know -- as I plan to buy a pair. Well, unless they're stupidly priced that is -- what do you think ??

    I'm thinking 150 ish ... (which is pretty stupid already but we know Prada pricing)
  4. Oh, so cute!
    Jenskar, please let us know what you find ....... love these!
  5. :rolleyes:^^ If we lived on the same coast we would have a killer accessory closet, doncha think ???
  6. My guess....maybe those socks are not Prada???Because I just recieved the year book from NM, there's the sock on one of the Prada page, they didn't mention it at all. I know some designers do use other name's accessories to accomplish their looks. But so does Prada?:confused1: Anyway, jenskar,let's check it out this weekend in the store!:wlae:
  7. These are soooo cute !
  8. OMG Jenskar, YES it would be amazing!!
  9. cute!
  10. Of course it would take about ten of us to even get close to Jillness in the "heavenly closet" department.

    There's the goddess and then there are the mortals ;)

    Fashion I sent you a PM with details -- let me know if you're definitely coming to brunch. I just want to get a head count.
  11. My mum totally bought the whole look:tup:
    My Prada Mama.JPG
  12. wow, she looks great!!!:tup: So the socks are Prada!!!Love the shoes too, but I just can't wear heels!:sad:
  13. That dress looks so great on her (and the whole look). I love, love, love that dress. Tried on the blue/black coat in that fabric today.
    Update on the prices (I put it in my NY post but that info was wrong). I bought the grey leg and brown top wool today with toes and they were $95 (no tax on socks in NY -- woohoo).
    They come in 1, 2, 3 -- I really wanted 1's but they were out so got 2's -- I'm a size 6 1/2, 7 and they're just a bit long in the foot if I wasn't wearing them with boots. Yoki at the Fifth Ave store helped me and she really dug around for the 1's -- their number is 212 664-0020.
    The wool is not thick (and they stretch out on your calves).
  14. Thank you so much for your info jenskar!!!And congrats on your new purchases! Enjoy!:tup:
  15. love the look! I want a pair!