LOVE this .........

  1. ...sorry guys...I don't know how to post the actual picture....just the link....:s
  2. I have no idea but it is gorgeous. Is that a 30 or 35?
  3. I was just looking at that photo in the celeb thread last night -- I would love to see it IRL because I want a green bag next. I thought it would be vert anis, but that is a very pretty color too.
  4. I've been drooling over this bag in the celeb thread.. its gorgeous!! But its the first time i see it..maybe its not usually offered by Hermes..SO maybe?
  5. d, i'll eat my hat the day you buy a bright green hermes bag . . .
  6. .....I know........LOL! But it looks like a real mossy green.....Forest green?
  7. all I know is that it is gorgeous!
  8. :love: love that bag...and I'm not usually a "green" person.
  9. great for spring.
  10. Love it!
  11. Hard for me to say what leather that is in the pic, but I have seen this color in the store in a Fjord Plume. It looked very similar to vert amande IMO.

    Dressage Queen, don't cook that hat just yet, Shopmom goes through these color phases and then reality hits.
  12. well you know me!!!!
  13. Gorgeous !!!:love:
  14. Gorgeous!! And I'm not a green person!