LOVE this seller!

  1. God I can't get enough of "author sellers" who make their descriptions read like soap operas. Some excerpts from my most recent find:

    "Of course, a purse (that's what we used to call it back in the "olden days" before we became all sophisticated and stuff and started using big words like handbag)"

    "I didn't really want to use this beautiful new object of my affection. I would just hang it on the back of my bedroom door and look at it. Yes, I said it. I just wanted to look at it! I was afraid that if I actually carried it and put girl things in it that there was a possibility it could be somehow damaged or God Forbid look used. Strange huh?? That should have been my first clue.I don't think that they offered any kind of therapy for that 20 years ago though, but I could bet that Hallmark has a card for this affliction today."

    They couldn't be more excited than when they find that lint covered lemon gummy bear in the bottom of Mommy's "purse" stuck to that odd colored penny. No one ever likes the yellow ones.

    By the way, no one would ever find a lint covered lemon gummy bear in the bottom of one of my real bags. That could lead to deadly consequences. :o)"

    It's funnier as a whole but you get the idea :p

  2. wow that would distract me from bidding after reading that whole story. I would get very engrossed in reading that inside on if I was going to bid or not.
  3. I was waiting for the soap opera music to come on after reading the listing.:p
  4. I like the part about the Hallmark card.
  5. LOL!!! She sounds like she needs to get out more, but at the same time, her listings are really entertaining!
  6. I don't know which one I've to read first, her story or description of the bag :lol: but agree with CynthiaNYC, her listings are really entertaining
  7. Anyone who is patient enough to own a daycare HAS to have a great sense of humor!