LOVE this S/S bag.. what is it called? any real life modelling pic??

  1. I have been DROOLING over this bag:drool::drool::drool::love::love::love:.. since i saw it in the S/S 2008 THREAD and the lookbook.. after seeing kimalee post it.. makes it look that much more beautiful!!! Does anyone know the name of the bag? and fellow TPF'ers who has the bag.. please post some modelling pix to see how it looks w/ a real person... height measurements will be helpful! thanks!~!!!
    PHOTO TAKEN FROM KIMALEE (hope you don't mind hun!)
  2. I don't really have any of the info you requested, but according to the lookbook pages I have, it is under the Timeless CC collection along with the GST/PST, and style number is A37551Y04839 . The price is $2575 US.
  3. I like this bag too, and would love to see it on a real person to get a better idea of it's size.
  4. That's the "new" Classic Flap!
  5. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
    I love this bag :smile:
  6. here are some modeling pics in a very, very silly dress...I'm 5'1" (and a half!) Sorry, not the greatest quality, I took them with my phone..hope this helps! the tag says 08P A37551Y04839...

    Working on more modeling pics now!

  7. My wonderful mother could not figure out how to take pics with my camera, so I had to take some on her. keep in mind, though, she's only 4'10", so it looks humungous on her!
    IMG_5655.JPG IMG_5656.JPG IMG_5657.JPG IMG_5658.JPG IMG_5659.JPG
  8. LOOKS GREAT, a nice functional bag.
  9. LOVE it!

    kimalee, could you post the photos in the Classic Flaps thread in the LIbrary? It'd be great to have it as a resource!
  10. Can this bag b worn messenger?
  11. sure, I didn't even know that existed! going to take a look....
  12. Nope, not on me. The chain is too short.
  13. thanks kimalee for posting all the wonderful pictures!!!!

    so the name is DEFINITELY... "the new classic flap"???
    cause i wanna get it at bloomies... i wanna make sure they know what i am talkin about.
  14. i drooled over this bag at the NM trunk show about a week ago.
    Saw it in camel. Its utterly gorgeous, reminds me of a GST with a flap closure......and a nice big size, also it looked more slouchy, not as structured as GST/classic flap