Love this Quilted Zip Clutch color!!

  1. Eluxury's picture does not show the real-life color of Plum (Resort 06).
    This Plum is described as magneta (pink color inside a plum), pinkish purple.

    Take a look at pictures of MIXED QUILTED LEATHER Emily (from the same line with this quilted zc) in Plum.

  2. bag.lover, I don't know if I was looking at the right bag, because I couldn't find the color "plum" on there?

    Ahhh, I was looking at getting that zip clutch too!! But I really like the purple-ish color, deep purple that it looks like on the elux site! Hmm, I'll have to see if I like the "actual" color.

    Thanks for the info bag.lover!! What a surprise that would have been!!

    *As a side note, WOW-ZA!! I really love that turquoise Eva bag!!! Is that the topaz color??
  3. Matches lists the color as Burgundy, the official color name is Plum. =)

  4. Yup. =)
    The official color names of the Eva on MATCHES are Tapioca and Topaz. It's also made in Black and Wheat.
  5. Ohhh.... :noggin: Sorry, not the brightest bulb today....

    Hmmm, that is quite a difference, isn't it?... It's almost red, Lorac - that might be the color you are looking for...
  6. ^ I will get some pictures for us today. =)
  7. Thanks again!!! Hmmm, I may have to add that to my list in place of the plum ZC, as I just got the Topaz ZC - and how cute would that be!! ;)
  8. Perfect match. =)

    The official color names of Emily on MATCHES are Oatmeal and Plum.
  9. The Plum ZC on elux is miles away from the color on matches!! it's like red!! that's crazy!
  10. Wow that really IS different. Thank you for letting me know. The real plum would be the color I am looking for. Okay note to self: Don't order MJ stuff from elux lol.

    Would a ZC in like peacock blue be easy to find? I never seem them on sale and barely any sites have ZC in colors other than black, white, tapioca and grey.
  11. Peacock Blue is from Fall/Winter 2004.

    Eluxury's Black, White, Light Grey are from Spring/Summer 2007.
    Tapioca was made twice - Resort 2006 (off-white) and Resort 2004 (yellowish).
  12. Call Stella at the MJ Boutique in LA. About 2 weeks ago, I was looking for a bag in the Peacock, and the only thing left in the system was a zip clutch. She'll be able to tell you if it is still available.
  13. Thank you bag.lover for the help. You are the best for information. :smile:

    I'll have to call this week to see if it's still available.
  14. ^ Stella won't be back until Tuesday, you can PM me for her e-mail address. =)