Love this purse

  1. But I don't know what its called? I saw a girl wearing a Chanel black purse with two thick braided straps and it had the white C's on the front of the purse. It had a funky look to it, with some nice funky hardware.. does anyone know what this could be? Help, I loved it!
  2. thanks, but I haven't seen it on any threads yet. It is a black bag with 2 braided straps and on the front are big white C's and white on the sides of the front C's going down. It was so nice and I can't seem to find the name of it anywhere. Does this sound familiar to anyone. It was sort of a funky style bag. Don't know if it is a newer or older style, but the girl was on Rodeo Drive.
  3. please anyone?
  4. Maybe you could draw a sketch of it and post it?
  5. picture a black bag, on the right and left sides are white parts and in the middle are the white C's. there is a lot of hardware on it, chains things.. and braided black straps.. it also has a #5 chain hanging from it. The bag is mostly black with the just the white pieces in the front. It was really nice, really funky looking.. I loved it, but can't find it anywhere? Could it be new?
  6. It could be a fake "Chanel" design. I recently saw a Chanel bag that I'd never seen before, I saw it on eBay and I saw a girl carrying one and, as I thought, it wasn't even a Chanel design, it was just a fake. Not saying that you're thinking of a fake design, just a thought. :p

    I'm picturing a tote style bag from your description, do you know what style of bag it was?
  7. Thanks Schwinn3, but nope I don't know the style # I am looking for it, like crazy. It may have been fake, I don't know? It was so cool looking though I loved it. It was sort of totey, but not.

    Is there a catalog to brouse? This is making me crazy. If its fake, I still like and want it though, do you think thats horrible?
  8. Sorry, I should've been more clear; by style, I just meant is it a tote, hobo, flap, etc. :smile:

    There's a link in the reference library to pictures from catalogues, etc. Here it is:

    Also, you can go to a Chanel boutique and I think they have a lookbook or something...I'm not sure if that's what it's called. I'm somewhat of a newbie to Chanel, just bought my first one after months of research on detecting fakes, finding the right bag, etc.
  9. Great thanks, will take a look, btw it was hobo style..
  10. yes, it's illegal and unethical to be frank.:tdown:
  11. true!