love this one, is it the gauffre hobo?

  1. [​IMG] she and the bag look awesome! is this the hobo style? can this still be found in stores?

    let me know deets!

    also is there a smaller version coming out of the tote? i thought i saw on NM or BG website retailing for 1495
  2. i think this one is the gauffre draw string. the gauffre bags that i know of so far are: (1) the tote (like carried by vic beckham), (2) sling/carry like the one carried by madonna but smaller (madonna's is custom made for her and larger than standard), (3) east west carry/sling, (3) hobo, (4) frame bag small, and (5) frame bag large.
  3. is this bag still available? do you know how much it retails for?
  4. ^^^I believe that's the one that's WAY over 2K, like $2500-2700. There is an open top/hobo style that's around $1750. Seems BG still has the open top/hobo online, but I've not looked lately.
  5. i saw this at my prada boutique in black, and yes, it's like $2800... too expensive and too big for me. looks great on sarah though. i did see the hobo in black as well.
  6. is there anyone out there who can identify this bag? at first i thought it was the gauffre'an but i think it is from the chevron line. do you know if these ones are still available somewhere? or whether these are on sale? it is from the fall 2006 season i believe.

    do you think this is too similar to the large gauffre'an frame bag?