love this new bay

  1. 0459438014064_275x275.jpg

    especially in this vermillion color- awesome!!!:tup:
  2. Agree, beautiful color. More temptation......
  3. You know me with Orange and Red. Yes I saw this bag. Very nice....Itta with llson...more temptation.
  4. yes, yes...trying so hard to resist. i've bought 3 Paddys and 1 Prada all since Sept!! Must wait!!! But soo hard to resist.....:nuts:
  5. I am lacking a red bag. his one is a contender - that's for sure!
  6. It truly is an eye catcher to be sure. And love the front little pockets....good for lip gloss, etc...

    Wonder how heavy it would be? Paddy heavy or not near that weight you think? If any one is close to stores and sees IRL, let me know what you think!!
  7. I think I am liking the bag....but not the color (for me anyways). Does anyone know the dimensions and any other colors?
  8. I love that color, it's HOT!!!

    I haven't taken my new Moka bay out for a spin yet, but walking around my room without anything in it, it doesn't seem very heavy, LOL!

    I think you ought to go for it, we need one on the board.
  9. Oh thanks a lot!! I need another bag right now like a hole in the head...

    BUT i WANT another one!!! hehe...
    :ban:No way!! not yet!!