Love this Miu Miu Shoe!

  1. But please help me with the color! It says "cafe." Is it brown or black? I'm not seeing it well enough. But I LOVE it! And I wanna buy it! Thanks for help!

    Edited with LINK Below! sorry! :smile:
  2. Hi Minette...

    It's for sure BROWN! Nice gorgeous luscious buttery brown! :yes:

    Nice shoe! Good luck.
  3. Thanks, Pad! I thought brown but wasn't sure... thinking it would look cool with my Coffer...
  4. its super cute IRL..I saw it and thought about gettin a pair..LOL.
  5. ^^ Of course!!! ..and I would go for black :p
  6. Gorgeous shoe! And a lovely warm brown. Want to see them on so pix please if you do buy. Wish I could keep mules on, they just fly off my feet!