Love this lp messenger bag..where can i find it?

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  2. I emailed LP about that same bag and they said it's no longer available and they won't be making any more. :sad: I guess your best bet is ebay. I got their response just yesterday.
  3. As mentioned previously, check Ebay. Yesterday, I posted a link to a pumpkin messenger in the Deals & Steals thread. The bag sold fast.
  4. I dont have an account wit ebay,.but thank you girls. Ill keep trying I gotta have that bag.
  5. ^if you HAVE to have it, then I would seriously suggest setting up an account with ebay. Just make sure to have the bag authenticated here first. Also try bonanzle.
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  7. mlgalinato, who was that message for?
  8. Is this thread about the dylan double zip pocket messenger? I am hot for that bag in Navy! I called LP about it and she said that they aren't making any THIS year- and she wouldn't speak to what may or may not be in production for next year....

    I'm thinking if enough people speak up they might bring it back! Come on ladies!! Let them know- call/ write/ email/ use telepathy and creative visualization!! Let us resurrect the Dylan Double Zip Pocket Messenger!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts: