LOVE this IF Whip


Jan 12, 2006
I am SO coveting this Audra bag:

It also comes in Pink and Brown. Do y'all like? I was getting ready to order the Sienna, but I remembered this bag and REALLY want it. It's a preorder right now.


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i want to see a real pic of the white, that's just adasa's b&w pic of the pink one, because i want a white bag really bad and i LOVE my brown audra. it's a great bag, very comfortable and durable, and it goes with everything.
Preorders KILL me! LOL! I saw it in the "Cut it out" 2 tone and liked the bag but the 2 colors was so distracting me I couldn't really enjoy the bag while I was trying it on.
Good feedback Amanda, thanks!
I have this bag in brown. Although I haven't used it's very pretty. I was on a waiting list for about a month and a half with NM before I got it.
spiralsnowman said:
Hmm! that's making me consider it. I've seen her w/ it, and she looked great (but Katie's got probably several inches on me- I'm a shortie :smile:

i'm not particularly tall - about 5'6 - and i get more compliments on my brown audra than on any other bag i own, even ones that cost a grand. and it's not just from people on the street. notoriously snotty Gucci SAs have told me how much they love that bag, and i didn't even buy anything. best $400 i ever spent and best looking bag i own.
I think this bag is really cute and loved how it looked on Katie too. Here's a picture of the audra in gold....I love this shade for the bag....though the brown is also very nice too!


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I've been looking for the audra original (Katie Holme's), I am not fond of the new one with the metal tag in the front and with different leather. The original ones on ebay are sold with a premium!!!