LOVE this IF Whip

  1. I am SO coveting this Audra bag:

    It also comes in Pink and Brown. Do y'all like? I was getting ready to order the Sienna, but I remembered this bag and REALLY want it. It's a preorder right now.
    IF Whip Flashback.jpg
  2. i want to see a real pic of the white, that's just adasa's b&w pic of the pink one, because i want a white bag really bad and i LOVE my brown audra. it's a great bag, very comfortable and durable, and it goes with everything.
  3. Good choice SwankyMama. I've only seen a few white bags I like this season but I like this one.
  4. Preorders KILL me! LOL! I saw it in the "Cut it out" 2 tone and liked the bag but the 2 colors was so distracting me I couldn't really enjoy the bag while I was trying it on.
    Good feedback Amanda, thanks!
  5. pretty
  6. I have this bag in brown. Although I haven't used it's very pretty. I was on a waiting list for about a month and a half with NM before I got it.
  7. Nice! Love the original, but this colour is beautiful too.
  8. Does anyone know if this is the bag Katie Holmes has been carrying?
  9. Yeah, for sure it was, but she carried the brown audra.
  10. Hmm! that's making me consider it. I've seen her w/ it, and she looked great (but Katie's got probably several inches on me- I'm a shortie :smile:
  11. i'm not particularly tall - about 5'6 - and i get more compliments on my brown audra than on any other bag i own, even ones that cost a grand. and it's not just from people on the street. notoriously snotty Gucci SAs have told me how much they love that bag, and i didn't even buy anything. best $400 i ever spent and best looking bag i own.
  12. I think this bag is really cute and loved how it looked on Katie too. Here's a picture of the audra in gold....I love this shade for the bag....though the brown is also very nice too!
  13. I've been looking for the audra original (Katie Holme's), I am not fond of the new one with the metal tag in the front and with different leather. The original ones on ebay are sold with a premium!!!
  14. Anyone have a pic of KH w/ hers?