Love this Fiore Hobo!

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  1. beautiful!
  2. Really love the markdown!
  3. YOU ROCK green_eggs! thanks for the tip...she's all mine! I have been wanting an IF forever!
  4. I was just debating on getting it, and now it's GONE!
  5. Great bag-this is the IF I bought from Saks for $309!!:yes: [​IMG]Hope you get yours!:smile:

  6. that one is adorable too! did you get it yet? I keep checking the order to see if it was far so good, I have had pretty good luck so far having nabbed both the Chloe flap satchel and the Edith bowler a few weeks fingers are crossed!:sweatdrop:
  7. Yes, I have it. It's much heavier than I thought it would be-but I love it! If you ordered from NM, someone said that you can go look at your account online and it shows there right after you order it. It will either tell you that it was out of stock or that your order went through. I've never tried it-I always call after I get the confirmation-and am usually disappointed!:shrugs:
  8. So cute!!!
  9. I was just at Nordstrom Rack and they have this bag in brown and cream for 357.
  10. Great bag! You'd have loved the leather - thick and durable, yet still a little bendy. ;)
  11. Which Rack-location? TIA:yes:
  12. I just saw it at the one in Factoria/Bellevue, WA--suburb of Seattle...

  13. I used to live in Redmond near Issaquah, on the plateau-oh so long ago!:yes:
  14. gorgeous bag!