Love this Coach wallet but.....

  1. I love this Coach wallet/credit card holder. Its like a tiny wallet. I called Coach but they said they are sold out and to try the outlet stores. I did check my outlet store in Grove City PA. They only had the large regular size wallet for $185 and its way too big for what I need it for. I was wondering if anyone could keep an eye out for me if they make it to any other outlet stores. Thanks soo soo much. I think this is the info on it....The Mini Signature Card Case, No. 3482 for $88.00 White/tan. THANKS!!!!


  2. That's cute. I don't think I've seen it in the 3 outlets I've been to. Good luck though and maybe someone else will see it!
  3. Good luck trying to find that, it's from almost 2 years ago. However, they have a really nice card case that is in Tobacco colored leather, right now in the stores.
  4. It's very cute! I have a mini skinny and a buckle hobo in this pattern/color. When I was at the Orlando outlet, I remember seeing wallets in this color, but I can't remember what size. The number is (407) 465-0555 :biggrin:
  5. Oh gosh I haven't seen this color combo in forever.. it's so classy! I love it :love:
  6. Just saw this in the outlet in Hilton Head SC. Call them! They had several last week. Its the Tanger Outlets.
  7. Thanks everyone! Gonna call those places today!!!!!!!!!
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