Love this BV too.

  1. I've never seen this style before. Does anyone know what it's called or what season it's from?

  2. Can't help you, but it is a nice looking bag.
  3. I saw the same bag last week in a boutique (not BV) so it's probably not ancient. I was describing the Sloane and the SA grabbed this bag and even tried to criss-cross the fold-over flaps to make it look like the Sloane - LOL! - some SAs try too hard. Anyway sorry I didn't check it out more because I was really focused on Sloane or bust.
  4. I don't know the style but think it's great-looking! Pls let us know if you find out what it is, now I'm curious!
  5. It doesn't have an official name, but I call it the flap bag.:shrugs: It can open to a bucket shape and it's a shoulder bag-it looks like it's really stuffed full in the picture, but it does slouch softly on the middle when worn, making the shoulder drop longer. There have been other variations of the flap bag, but this is new for this season. Comes in the classic black or brown Ebano and I think Limo.
  6. That's a classic-looking bag. I don't recall seeing it in the catalogs or online-I wish BV included a larger percentage of their production online for us to refer to. I think I saw it at the Chicago NM, but didn't look at the price.
  7. ^^Thanks Marly! :flowers: I just liked the design so I thought i'd share. Of course these days there isn't really a BV i'm not loving!:graucho:
  8. It's about $2300...
  9. It looks classic and its really gorgeous!!
  10. very nice :yahoo: