LOVE this Bottega!!

  1. Too bad I don't have a spare $6,520.00! :sad: :sad:

  2. Just think of all the things we could own with a spare $6K...
    Still, it's a gorgeous bag.
  3. beauxgoris-that is a great bag-Love the interesting hardware. Wow, $6,500?
    Is the hardware 14k gold or something?
  4. We don't see that many "frame" bags anymore, so it's good to see this one. It looks like a true handbag, too. It's beautifully proportioned. Alas, I don't have a spare $6000 either, but we can drool!:drool: I haven't seen this style before--thanks for posting this!
  5. ^^I love that it's a Frame bag too. I wish it was less. I could almost stomach it if it were close to $2,000.00 - but $6,540.00 - can't swing it.

    Love it though!
  6. Reminds me of Hermes bags...the prices make you cringe! I think you grow numb to H prices after a bit.

    Frame bags are growing in popularity right now and they have always had a spot in Italian handbags. I love frame bags!
  7. It looks very classic, beautiful bag.
  8. oh wow that's almost a birkin lol
  9. Marly... you are now the expert of BV :graucho:
  10. That's mighty pretty!! :yes:

    I also like this A LOT!! (Sorry... I don't know why Photobucket refuses to let me load pics :crybaby: )
    BV Frame Bag.jpg
  11. ^^That one is beautiful too!!!
  12. oh wow, i dont even wanna know how much that bag costs... probably your left lung and a kidney
  13. I've seen a few designers showing frame bags this year. Nobody does it as well as BV. Structure seems to be coming back. Gucci's was absolutely hideous. I can post if you want.

  14. ^^Oh dear.....
  15. ^ see, that's not even futuristically edgy. it's just a pile of dogsh*t and a half.