Love this bag!!

  1. Just had a weekend in Singapore with my husband and we're sitting in this lovely outdoor restaurant. I carry my LV Noe Petit he bought me for Christmas and the conversation goes as follows:

    Me: Could you just bring that chair over from that table so I can put my bag on it?
    DH: I can't just pull that chair over, it's set for the table...
    Me: Ok, I'll just keep it in my lap..
    DH: That looks really uncomfortable..
    Waiter passes and DH goes: Could you possibly bring a small chair over so my wife can put her bag on it? (shakes his head at me)
    Waiter comes back with lovely little stool and there goes my bag, sits there prettily all through the meal..(it's like looking after a child..)

    On the way back, we have to walk through a small alley way to get to the main road and DH goes: Don't have to worry, Singapore is so safe, besides, I'd like to see a mugger take that bag off you, would probably put him in hospital...:lol:

    The next day we're in LV and he buys me this lovely Zippy Organizer


    The aforementioned bag


    Sorry this was a bit long:smile:
  2. Cute story! Enjoy your new wallet! :yes:
  3. LOL your DH has sense of humour, congrats on new wallet :smile:
  4. Oooooooooo...they're GORGEOUS together!!!!!! That is a GORGEOUS pic of a black epi noe!!!! :love:
  5. Congrats! Your husband is a sweet:heart:.
  6. Congrats!
  7. your hubby is cute! LOVE that noe, it's super elegant! and the zippy organizer *sigh*
  8. What a sweet husband...and what a beautiful wallet. And of course the bag is gorgeous.
  9. omg! that bag is HOT!
  10. haha! I do the same thing! most of the time i just keep it in my lap!
  11. really cute story!!! and the bag and wallet are BEAUTIFUL! So yummy!

    i went to a burger joint two nights ago and was eating with my bh on my lap. until i realized the stuff falling from my burger was more dangerous than balancing it on my feet. lol. then my mom came and i had to make room for her and my bag went on the FLOOR! oh the HORROR. i could not wait to leave. lol
  12. What a great story! Lovely pics of your bag and wallet!
  13. Thanks for the great story, it's so funny but true for most Louis Vuitton owners. Congratulations on the new epi wallet - it's gorgeous!
  14. No way are we gona put our bags on the floor! Your husband's so sweet to ask for a chair for you :smile:
  15. Your bag and wallet are heavenly! Love your story!