Love This Bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I like this bag, can ayone tell me what designer and name of style?
  2. Gucci bag. ostrich
  3. I posted a thread yesterday asking what bag it was, and it is Gucci Ostrich from what I was told.

    And for your enjoyment... a wonderful picture of LiLos bag!

    EDIT: For some reason I want this bag in an apple green.
  4. That bag is gorgeous!
  5. What is she wearing? It looks like coveralls but with one side lopped off...

    Great bag though!!! I wish I had her bag collection!
  6. OMGosh, was just looking round my daily blogs and came across more pics of Lilo and her bag. You can also clearly see what she is wearing now too :yes:
    ll3.jpg ll1.jpg ll2.jpg
  7. Yep.. Gucci Ostrich Hobo. It is from one of the newer lines :smile:
  8. Similar to this one.. but a different shape

    the leather ones in red and white are going on sale.
    already preordered the last one in my area LOL
  10. That is a nice bag. I love Gucci.
  11. That bag is gorgeous!! Of course it's ostrich too..aghh I am makes me wanted this bag!! Bad bad!!
  12. Really nice bag....

    so over LLo!!!!

    Hi Sweetea...miss your adorable face and smile!!!!!!!!!
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