Love this bag...but....

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  1. I love this bag (does anyone know the name?), but two issues: first the zipper is out of shape. I called Saks and they ordered a new one for me....but not sure if this is just the norm for this bag. Also, it is deerskin....does anyone have experience with how Prada deerskin wears over time?? Thanks!!! Also, just in general, what do you Prada gals and guys think of this style??

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  2. I have a deerskin wallet that has held up VERY well over 3 years. I handle my wallet all the time and it gets thrown around in my bag but there isn't a scratch on it. Oh, and it's beige in color! You should be safe with a black bag. :biggrin:
  3. don't have any deerskin BUT I love your new bag!!! Love the style!! Modeling pix would be great too!
  4. Viewwing: Thanks! That is great to know.

    Browneyesblue: Thanks! I will post modeling pics once I exchange for hopefully a better zipper.
  5. I don't have deerskin either so I can't offer any help...Congrats on your purchase though!!!
  6. I have had a couple of Prada deerskin bags and really like Prada's deerskin. Neither of my bags had zippers. I didn't end up keeping either bag for longer than a year (had to sell to buy!), so I don't know long term how well the leather wore. During the time I had them they looked perfect.
  7. Mine are fine so far, but it's only been three years, both with limited use. Hope that helps.