Love this bag, anyone know if it's actually being released?

  1. Found it on this site from the Resort collection?
  2. Next year in summer i think.
  3. oooooo! its gorgeous! i bet it costs a fortune though!
  4. It's part of the cruise collection so it should be out this November since that is when cruise stuff is released
  5. I guess that makes sense, my cruise is January so that's about when most people hit the warm places!
  6. I thought there are two cruise seasons one september when I believe this one is planned and another early in the year not sure what month (when did the denim cruise come out that was teh first on ethis year)
  7. oohhh....very nice
  8. Wow it's gorgeous!
  9. ohhhh- i really hope its not hot irl! or else i m in a lot of trouble!
  10. You can see other pictures courtesy of Restricter at the thread dedicated to Cruise 2008, there are some yummy photos there, thanks restricter again!
  11. Am I the only one in here who isn't a fan of this bag? I've seen the photos in restricter's thread and personally it looked...a little fake.
  12. No, Karman I am not totally sold on it (yet!). I really need to see it IRL as the photos don't tell the whole story for me with this bag. If the price tag is as high as people are saying, than I am not even going to think about it. But no, you are not alone, I am not over the moon for this one. The striped ones on the other hand, I am in love!

  13. I personally don't find it appealing....the top is "busy", I don't know what they were trying to do with this bag!

  14. This bag is not my cup of tea either !!(:sweatdrop: Thank goodness for that!) I am only keeping my eye on the Cruise speedy 30 in red for now :graucho: haha
  15. Yuk! :tdown: