Love these!

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  1. I am seriously in love with this tote:
    and this satchel:
    Sooo pretty! :drool: :love:
  2. I don't think there has been anything she has turned out that I have not liked and that is SO RARE for me. I think the Gladiator would be a GREAT spring/summer bag. Are you thinking about getting it?
  3. Not at the moment - I have bought too many bags lately so I am trying to slow down and enjoy what I have for a couple months. :angel:

    These spring Botkiers are not making it easy, though! If I am lucky maybe one of these beauties will go on sale by the time I am ready for another bag purchase. :graucho:
  4. I want the Vixen too - but the hobo :biggrin: It's so rocker chic!
  5. Yes I have the exact same pic of the Vixen in my thread. It's really cute, I'm just not sure about the braided straps on the sides.
  6. very cute...I cant wait for my stevie