Love these Nordstrom Espadrilles


    I generally only wear designer shoes (save sneakers) and don't like espadrilles but I saw these in the April Nordstrom catalog and liked them a lot. I went to the store today and they were so cute I bought them for my sister. I love them! :love: Looks much better on your foot than in the picture. So inexpensive too at $50.

    I just wanted PF to know. :biggrin:
  2. Wow! What a great price, thanks for the heads up! :smile:
  3. Oooh, maybe I'll go tomorrow! I tried on 4 pairs tonight. . . I had NO idea they were kind of hard to fit!
    My DH LOVES them so this won't have to get smuggled in! LOL!
  4. Very cute and affordable, they are flying out of Nordstrom.
    I bought some as well, they run small.
  5. are they comfy? i am usually wary of cheap shoes cuz i walk a lot.