Love these new earrings.....

  1. [​IMG]

    But for $3,050 I can get my MC speedy and a couple of accessories to go with it.
  2. cute, but I agree w/ you and the price!
  3. They're adorable - but I'd take the bags over the earrings too !
  4. Me too, my hair covers my ears most of the time anyway!
  5. Very cute, but oh the price!
  6. Too pricy for me.
  7. i like them, but price (N)
  8. Too pricey:cry: .... but it's cute:yes:
  9. Those are so cute! But I agree with everyone else, I would much rather have a few bags for that price than 1 pair of earrings.
  10. :yes::yes:
  11. I agree, too pricey, but nice!
  12. Nice!
    Shame about the price:cry:
  13. Theyre cute, but way over the top on pricing.
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