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Nov 18, 2005
a couple of years ago, i ordered a valentino bag from neimans and in the photo they didn't have the sizing, so i thought it was going to be this medium sized bag, well when it arrived, i was so shocked the bag was so huge. returned it asap. so valentino bags are bigger than they look in the photo.


Feb 18, 2006
Thanks for the advice. Before ordering, I should probably go and try them on at Neimans, if they have them available. I'm really drawn to the chocolate Valentino for some reason. I always find myself checking the Neimans website to see if they still have it because it's been on there for quite some time.

And the white is great too, I'm on the prowl for a white bag. I have looked in all of my magazines Bazaar, Vogue, Instyle, etc.I am constantly checking various sites to find the perfect one. Not that I have to choose from the "it" bags they list in magazines. Trying on bags would probably be the best way for me to decide.