Love the winter theme on the main page:D

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  1. Just wanted to say a quick thanks because I really love the color scheme on the main page. Just one of those little things in a day that make you smile and be happy. So thanks!:flowers:
  2. Oh you're most welcome!

    We'll be skinning the forum in similar colors soon, too!
  3. I saw the new color scheme yesterday, and I LOVE it!! Very creative and festive!
  4. Vlad - I am confused. I don't seem to have a "winter" theme on mine but I have heard a few members in diff forums mention it.... Is it because I am not a US member and it is 35 degrees where I am now??!! How does the computer know that!!! heheee

    Anyway, if you could throw some snow flakes my way it would be greatly appreciated.

    ps still laughing about the birkin reveal!!
  5. ^The snowflakes show on! So check that out, you will see it!! He will be adding it to the forum soon too. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside!
  6. Ooh that would be a great idea, didn't even think of that. It DOES make me warm and fuzzy:tup:. Wish Texas had them damn snowflakes for real though..I WANT SNOWWW:hysteric::crybaby:
  7. oh, thank you for clarifying, i was first confused, too.
  8. Thanks gorgeous! It has been a while since I have gone on purseblog so will do that.... I am hoping the flakes will cool me down in this ridiculous heat I am stuck in (jealous of all of you....!!):heart:
  9. The snow flakes will be on our way to you all soon!
  10. yes I agree. really got me in the spirit for the upcoming holidays!!