Love the TATTERSALL-just not the styles

  1. I am so loving the new tattersall pattern, but none of the pieces seem to work for me. I tried the suede satchel, but it's not practical for everyday use, and I will have the suede damaged in no time flat.

    Fell in love with the tote, but don't know how I would use it because it is so large. The pouch, cosmetic bag, and keyfob are cute, but again I wouldn't use them.

    The wristlet is okay. Just okay.

    But I really want something I can use regularly in this plaid. Does anyone know if COACH is planning any other styles in future months?
  2. I can't answer your question, but I totally agree with you!!! I :heart: tattersall! I really wish they had like a "regular" sized tote in that print.. or something else at least. I really want to get the wristlet or little pouch keyfob but not if I don't get a bag to match. I'm not usually matchy at all but, I feel like the tattersall may not look right with my legacy stripes
  3. i know how you feel, i love it too but none of the styles worked, but i did get a little bleecker mini skinny with the print inside, so that makes me happy for now :smile:
  4. Try a Tattersall scarf, to tie on one of your bags.

    Type in "Tattersall" in the search box on, there is a Tattersall Tophandle Pouch as well as several accessories that you might not have seen...
  5. I think the tattersall wristlet is so cute, but I can see it getting dirty really fast. Does anyone know the best way to clean it? I've used woolite on my cotton signature, but that almost seems to be a sturdier fabric than the soft tattersall....
  6. The tattersall is gorgeous!!! I wish they would embroider the pattern onto actual leather and not just suede. If they did it right it would be so pretty and more durable.
  7. That would be so pretty! I love the print but I don't think i can keep it clean. And I, too, am not really diggin' the styles.
  8. I agree with you all. Love the pattern, not the styles it comes in. I would like to have a wristlet in Tattersall to keep inside my purse that way it wouldn't get too dirty.
  9. I really like this pattern but not any of the bags so I went with the scarf too! It is really nice!
  10. I think this pattern reminds me of Burberry.