Love The Spy? Why?

  1. I can't wait to (finally) get my 1st spy bag!!! I don't know what it is about this bag! I MUST HAVE IT! I wasn't interested in it when I first saw it (on TV), but got interested once I was introduced to the secret compartments ITF. I still can't put my finger on why I'm so obsessed with this bag. With all the fabulous bags out there, why can't I stop thinking about the spy!!?!?:wtf:

    What about you all? What about the spy made you realize that you had to have one?
  2. I don't have one but I am dying for a honey or cognac!! I think the leather is so yummy and they go with everything... to me, that makes them perfect!! (I am a LV fan and jumping over to Fendi as soon as find what I am looking for!)

    I agree with you
  3. I totally agree with you! I used to really dislike them too, but when I started paying attention to the leather and its drape, the simple yet intricate style, I was hooked. the leather is insane, the colors are scrumptious, they go with everything, and they're light as feather. I'm a real color and texture junkie, and these bags are the death of me! I can't get enough. :love:
  5. I agree with Deco, its the lovely nappa leather also the colours which are not "in you face". I have Dior bags and Prada but you cannot beat a Fendi Spy:true:
  6. Because of its design. And, because the "Fendi" logo is tiny, doesn't scream out loud that "this is a designer handbag".
  7. - leather
    - shape
    - colors
    - uniquness
    - rare
    - size
  8. it's a very stylsh bag that catches people's attention but it's not high maintenance at all. i love my black spy!!!!
  9. Just a question for all of you Spy owners who have had them for a long the handles hold up very well, or have they come unwoven at all........that's my only concern right now, and I am asking Santa for one for Christmas.......thank you!
  10. Everything Chloe said - plus it's soft, squishy, roomy and the leather is soooo soft.:love:
  11. Love this thread......reinforcing why I want one for Christmas.......
  12. I'm picking up my first Spy bag on Monday morning. I can't wait! It's like being 9 years old and waiting for your birthday to come. I thought the Spy was so ugly at first, but now I absolutely love it. I've been saving for this one for quite a while. I feel so shallow.
  13. Don't feel shallow. You're echoing an unusally common sentiment, or I should say, series of sentiments, that many of us experience with the Fendi Spy. I for one am as stunned by how much I used to dislike Spys as I am by how much I love them now.
  14. I never disliked the spy, but was a bit alarmed when I first saw one, as use to bags being able to completley close with a zip or something. Was not use to the fact that the spy compartment just hang over the top of the bag to close it, which now I think is brilliant as so easy, but was concerned with the safety aspect of it.
    I think its the leather of the bag the more bubbly the better - roll on new Spys for 2007
  15. I love the leather, the colors, and the overall aesthetic of the bag. And something about knowing that I'm carrying a Spy bag gives me a fabulous feeling that I don't get when I carry any other bag. Silly, I know.
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