love the rita and ursula

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  1. Im saving up for one of these bags but dont know which one to get, they're both gorgeous:heart:
  2. I love the Ursula
  3. Ursula! the Rita reminds me of a banana!
  4. ^^ what a rhyme lol
  5. i know its so preetttty :drool:
  6. I like the Ursula a lot more over the Rita.
  7. are these limited edition or are they gonna be around for a while. I'd hate to save up for a bag then by the time i get enough money, it's gone.
  8. I like the Rita. For some reason the Ursula just looks floppy to me.
  9. i think the ursala is better than the rita.
  10. im leaning towards the ursula too now lol and its a little cheaper. I figure by nov I should save it
  11. I am in the same boat, really like them both. Going to try and get them both.
  12. I prefer the Ursula!
  13. ok ursula it is! its bigger too yay
  14. oh matt! u r too funny! now everytime i see a rita- i think 'banana"

    vote for the ursula! i got one! :smile:
  15. Ursula gets my vote! :wlae: