Love the mirror but...

  1. hate getting it scratched! I noticed a semi large scratch on the mirror hanging from my black day. This is the reason I carry the majority of my b-bags with the mirror safely tucked inside.

    Is this a problem for you guys? Am I just being super paranoid?
  2. I always take the mirror off & put it away in the dustbag.

  3. same here :wlae:
  4. ^ ditto. I leave mine at home. I use a different compact mirror.
  5. I don't like the mirror either.. never use it:sad:
  6. love the mirror, too fragile, leave at home:sad:
  7. I keep my mirror in the outside zipper pocket. Fits perfectly, doesn't get scratched up, and the tassels can hang out with the zipper tassels!

  8. moi aussi!
  9. I never use them, they dont even see the outside of the dustbag or box...
  10. ^^^ Ditto
  11. ^ditto.
  12. me too!
  13. ^me three!

  14. same here :yes:
  15. me too