LOVE the Min Lin Speedy BUT.....

  1. I cannot get past the white stitching on the handles. Why didn't they use brown thread? Does this bother anyone else and do you think they would custom make one for me with brown? Am I losing it?
  2. it doesn't bother me at all. looks fine to me, it's still pretty IMO.
  3. I like the contrast stitching :yes:
  4. hmmm, I noticed that too and at first didn't like it but now it's grown on me. I wouldn't custom stitch it, it will look fake, unless you don't care about that, and I doubt they would do that anyway. I think the overall look of the bag is brown enough that it doesn't stand out once you get used to it.
  5. hmm I didnt even notice, guess it doesnt bother me :smile:
  6. ITA..

  7. I hadn't noticed, either!
  8. Oh really ? I never even realised that !

    I think it's probably for contrast, but that would bother me if it's going to eventually get dirty. Nothing wrong with being picky !
  9. At first I thought I didn't like it, but now I'm so grateful it's like that! Contrast stitching really adds a little something, otherwise it would be so boring and so brown without.
  10. hmm. I guess I'll just have to go stare at one for a while to see if I could get used to it. Appreciate all the feedback.
  11. I honestly hadn't noticed either, glad to know I wasn't the only one. Maybe it will grow on you bags....I think its a lovely bag myself!!!
  12. I don't like the idea of white stitching on the handle of any bag period. It's hard enough to keep vachetta clean & free of lotion, epithelials & such, I can't imagine how hard cotton would be to keep clean.

    It is a pretty bag though & probably worth the headache.
  13. I LOVE the white stitching!
  14. I get my new Mini Lin Speedy on Friday. I can't wait
  15. oooh! don't forget photos. where are you going? rodeo? bev ctr.? Hwood?