Love the Mahala/Ramona/Riki, but have one concern about all......

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  1. Do you guys that own any of these bags, have problems with the fact that, even though there is a closure of sorts on all of them, that someone can easily reach into the sides of the bags????? This is my one bone of contention on the JC's.......
  2. I live in a big city, and I also travel to New York frequently, and no, that doesn't bother me a bit.

    Bags with open tops are so much easier to get in and out of.

    The one time I was mugged, the kids just grabbed my ZIPPED-TOP bag and ran anyway, lol.
  3. :wtf::wtf:
    Cosmo - thats horrible! so sorry you experienced that!

    I've never had a problem with the closure. The bag is design so perfectly that yes their is a small open area, but it closes so perfect that everything is secure. Not to worry :smile:
  4. ^ I agree... the one time like it is not a big deal! Good Lord! Glad you are allright. I couldn't imagine....
    Anyway - I have only had my Mahala for a couple of weeks now and I don't think you could get in it if you tried. When it is over my shoulder it feels very secure and the bag kind of shuts itself in a way that I think you would know if someone was reaching in. I have never thought once about anything fall out of it - it feels that secure. Hope this helps.
  5. OMG...:wtf: Cosmo, be careful:lecture: I am so sorry to hear you were a victim. Hopefully you were not hurt physically:sad:

    As for the question of getting into your bag, I hate to admit it, but I have quite a few of the JC styles and all of them seem very secure and I have taken them to many different types of places and have never felt uneasy. I use the locking clasp when I have the bag out and hanging, but when it is over my arm or shoulder, I keep the strap in a hanging position. As for the Mahala & Maddy the magnetic closure keeps the bag really secure.:yes:
  6. Oh thanks for your concern ladies. :flowers: But don't worry, I wasn't hurt at all. (Plenty scared and shaken up, though!) It happened about five years ago. It was three teenagers who just grabbed my bag and ran, around 8 p.m. when it was still light out, with lots of people around, and about a block away from a D.C. metro stop in a very nice neighborhood. :rant:

    They took the cash out of my wallet and threw the remaining contents of my bag (it was a Coach, from my "starter" days) in an alley. The cops recovered most everything, credit cards, ID, etc., except the muggers took my cell phone. And then later on that night, when I called on my own cell phone number, the moron muggers answered it. "Hello. Hello..." Doh!!!! :push:
  7. How scary...I had my purse stolen in Tahoe one time. It was my first designer bag, a Gucci and it had a pair of diamond earrings, a gold cross pen and several hundred dollars in it. I was so mad! :cursing:Had to cancel all my credit cards and had no ID or even a lipstick! The next day the casino called...they had found my bag in the parking garage with everything in it except the money! All I wanted was my Gucci bag back!:yahoo:
  8. How scary Cosmo! Glad that you weren't hurt.

    I work in DC as well, and often travel to NYC. When I'm using my Ramona, I keep my most important things in a large ZIPPED makeup bag (large Vera Bradley one) inside that contatins LV agenda, cell phone, BBY, and keys. With or without the closure, it would be VERY hard for someone to try to reach in and grab it. The added bonus is that with all those things in the makeup bag, it keep the interior of my bag VERY clean.
  9. I never thought about someone being able to reach into the inside of my bag and take something. I carry it over my shoulder and close to my body so they would really have to be sneaky, but anything can happen i guess.
  10. I guess my point of even telling that story was to say that I don't worry so much about someone reaching into my bag. If a mugger wants your money, they are usually just going to grab your bag and run. (Pickpockets aren't as much of a problem in the U.S. as I understand they are in some parts of Europe.)

    Plus, as others have pointed out, many of these Jimmy Choo bags hang high on the shoulder and have closures that make it difficult for someone to reach in anyway.
  11. I don't find that an issue with my Riki. You can fit a hand through the sides if you have small hands but i think it would hard for someone else to do this. I live in NYC and was previosly pickpocketed on the subway from a Coach bucket bag (and lost a LV wallet :sad:), so I make sure all my bags are pretty secure. So far no problems with Riki.

    Unfortunately pickpockets are a real threat in NY and Boston (I have also been pickpocketed in Boston -- I'm a crime magnet!!!). They do this because it often takes a few hours to realize your wallet is missing and by then they are long gone!!!
  12. I have to agree...on my first visit to see my friend in law school in Boston, my MJ wallet got stolen. Thankfully, it was just a wallet that I used to store cash and change (my ID and CCs are in my LV agenda)...but, it was painful nonetheless.