Love the crazy lock on this

  1. Oh WOW! I have never seen this before too. Nice! I wished they made this on other bags too. It would be great to have a shoulder epi bag with such a lock!
  2. I saw that bag the other day on eBay ,, its really interesting!!
  3. I think that bag came out almost 10 years ago - seem to vaguely remember it. Not sure about the name though.
  4. yeah, it's pretty vintage :yes: I think I remember seing clutches from that lines as well
  5. Here's some pics for the thread. It's neat, isn't it!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Wow, i havent seen that before either.
  7. I would love to see the clutch from that line!

    Very nice design..thanks for posting! :flowers:
  8. LVoe it!!!!
  9. I love it.
  10. Fugly.
  11. That is kind of neat looking!!!
  12. shape is cool, would look nice on a vanity
  13. never seen this before. cool looking.
  14. I saw that a couple of days ago. Reminds me of the maxi bucket.