love the colour but not the style?

  1. i received my first b-bag ('06 grenat first) from AR a few days ago.. while i :love: the colour, i am not too sure of the style... i would have preferred to have it in a bigger size (a city would be ideal) and have the first in a brighter colour.

    so what shall i do now? return the bag & wait for a bordeuax/grenat city to pop out (i doubt that would happen, plus, i'm not inclined to pay over retail for a used bag) or keep the bag? :shrugs:
  2. Pictures please!
  3. hi, welcome!

    i think you've just answered your own question ;) sorry to have to point out the obvious: only you know yourself well enough to know which is the 'wise' choice to make - style or colour. do you want to pay close to 1k to end up not using it cos it's too small, or do you wanna pay 200 bucks more for a bag you'll use everyday for the rest of its life? is there no other colour you can consider if you take this option? i would ask myself all these. btw, i love the First style but i've been stalling to get it for the exact same reason: practicality. i might one day own one but that's probably only when i have spare cash or when there's a good discount on offer.
  4. whiteparkdog i agree i think grenat looks better on bigger bags .. i have a grenat city myself and i just saw a brand new grenat mid-afternoon at Balenciaga and i'm thinking of getting it!

    i don't think grenat is a hard color to find .. so if you're not sure of your first return it but try to find a city so you wont regret returning the color you love .. good luck!