Love the Coach Outlets!!!!!....

  1. Hi all,
    Was in Tennessee for vacation last week and went into a Coach Outlet store and got these 2 great buys.....Coach Ergo Vachetta Lg. Hobo, Color: Whiskey.........reg $478
    Coach Soho Leather Stitched Lg. Hobo, Color: Rose...reg $458
    Got the ergo hobo for $198 and the rose stitched hobo for $143. I say that was a great deal....OH!! also picked up the zodiac key charms (3) for $9.99 ea. and a Goldfish keychain (I have always loved that fish!!) for $9.99..... they make such good gifts!!!!!
  2. Ver good deals indeed !!! Love the hobo.
  3. really good finds! why shop at the retail store?!
  4. The large vachetta ergo hobo is an awesome bag; it fits sooo much without looking like a ginormous bag. Love it, and the rose stitched hobo, too!
  5. Love the Ergo! And while the rose bag is not my style, you got an amazing deal on both!:tup:
  6. I need to go to the outlet and get some keychains for Christmas gifts. $9.99 is such a good price for those.
  7. WOW! you really got a good deal. I've only been to the outlets a few times and have never found any deals like that. Lucky you!
  8. Great deals. was that in Pigeon Forge or somewhere else?
  9. FABULOUS finds! I am drooling in jealous! :smile:
  10. wow such great are making me want to go check out my local outlets which is so dangerous for me haha
  11. Nice!! :tup:
  12. wow... lucky gal..
  13. Great buys!! Which outlet was it? I'll be in Nashville this weekend and hope the Lebanon outlet has some good stuff.
  14. wow awesome!!!