Love the Chloe bought two in one day! Both patent leather

  1. Hello, I am new to the purse forum and to the Chloe section as well. I had purchased to Marc Jacobs bags on eBay both fake. So I went to Nordstroms and the rest is history. Looking at Chloe' bags in person was all it took. I now have two patent leather chloe' bags. Used my Moka today! Had to call the sales lady and tell her how much I love it. I could hardly take my eyes off of it all day. I will be asking for help in learning the bags as I would love a summer/lighter color one considering the paddington. If anyone see's a nice one on eBay I would love a heads up summer is just around the corner (snowed in right now) But.....I have my bags to WARM me.
  2. Welcome to the Chloé family soufflespassion! Chloé bags are truly addictive, I'm sure these won't be your last purchases! :tup:
  3. Thanks, LOVE my bags. Already looking for another. I want a paddington, summer color. Scanning eBay as we speak.
  4. Welcome! Congratulations on your Chloe!
  5. Oh sound like you fell hard for Chloe! Congrats on your new be careful when looking at ebay specially for paddingtons.
  6. We need modelling pics!! Congrats on your purchases.
  7. The whole ebay purse thing is hard to take. That is why I went shopping. They are better in person. Anyways, I will check here before I buy anything on ebay. Thanks and yes I have fallen hard.
  8. Will try to get some modeling pic's for you all today. They are too pretty.
  9. Hey I'm snowed in too (like much of the mid-west). I feel like a kid when this happens!

    Anyway why don't you do this today!! Call all the Nordies you can stomach and see if they have the classic Medium Paddy available (hopefully in a color you desire), What'ya got to lose. If your unsure of your purchase once your receive the bag, it's a breeze to return!!
  10. great idea, did you see the wallet I am thinking of?

  11. ^That looks a lot like my black patent wallet only mine has a little lock and key. Welcome souffle! Looks like you are thinking just like the rest of us. I am so curious to see the pics of your bags and find out exactly which patent styles stole your heart!

  12. KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  13. I can't wait to see the pics.
  14. One is a Heloise in Burgandy and the other is Moka with a Green zipper and carmel color squares and square feet. That is the one I had to use first! Have not taken te Heloise out as of yet.
  15. OMG, you got some great bags. I LOVE the heloise in burgendy and the 2nd bag you got is the Moka Audra