Love the b&w sig Meagan sneakers!!

  1. Oooh oooh oooh I'm so in LOVE with these, girls! The b&w sig with the silver stripe on the sides is SOOOOO cute! I can't find them on just yet, but they are in the newest catalogue if anyone has spotted them :love:.
  2. I can't see the picture!
  3. i sa wthem also they r so pretty i honestly am now in love with the black and hite color comboe signature pattern more so than the brown signature... the black signature is just so much more chic and muted i want them also when i go bakc home for the break i will def stop by coahc and try and pick them up
  4. Yeah, I couldn't post pics from! they are just soooo chic and fun.
  5. I saw them @ macys this weekend, they're really cute!!!
  6. i havent seen em yet...