Love the Ali, BUT

  1. Let talk leather vs. signature.

    I love the style of the bag. Just thinking about the Ali khaki/ebony signature with the ponytail scarf tied on it would be so cute. BUT the leather would be so vintage looking.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. I think the scraf would work well on either - it's so cute! Personally, I'm trying to get more leather stuff and less signature simply b/c I feel like I can justify the price more if I get all leather (however, I still love some signature stuff and think the Ali sig is great!). Let us know what you finally decide on!
  3. I buy more leather than signature. And the ALI is BEAUTIFUL! Its on my wish list .. along with the scarf.
  4. Wow, I want that scarf.... I don't own a lot of coach bags though... would it be faux pas to tie a coach scarf to a non coach bag?
  5. ^^I don't think so. I think it's fun to mix up brands. I'm planning on tying my new Coach scarf on my LV, Jimmy Choo and Chanel bags!
  6. Thank you...I'm still not sure which one. I really like the Ali signature because it has black trim with brown. It would go with everything I wear. I plan to go on Monday to see them both.
  7. I dont really like the ali in siggie, but the legacy leather is TDF, and I think with everything going on, the scarf is just going to mash in, vs. the leather showcasing the striped scarf instead of competing.
  8. Love the Ali in leather.
  9. The leather with the scarf it extremly classy, that would be my pick
  10. I vote for leather too! :love: it is gorgeous.
  11. Thats a really hard choice! I totally loved the all-leather until I saw the sig! And the scarf is adorable too! I really think if I were getting ready to hand over my credit card, I think I would pic the sig simply b/c of the contrast. I don't recall many (any?) Coach bags with khaki and black. Its a nice color scheme with a really fabulous bag style! Good luck with your decision! Let us know! :smile:
  12. If you plan on wearing the scarf on the bag... then definitely all leather.. I think it'll look great!
  13. I want that Ali bag in the legacy leather So Damn Bad. And I just might have to go buy it next weekend. ACK!
  14. I am continuing this thread...I have the sig khaki/ebony Ali. I also have the charcoal suede & metallic slim flap which is the same as an Ali only slimmer. I absolutely loooooooooove the way this bag looks and would love to have a white leather Ali too. But I already have this bag in 2 colors and I also have a white Mandy, so I don't really need a white Ali - it would be a luxury. I just wish they had put an outside pocket on it for keys - I am always losing my keys inside my bag! I am going to start a whole thread just on where you put keys. And I do find the flap a little cumbersome when I am trying to search for something. Overall, this bag attracts a LOT of attention and I just love it. How do you feel about your Ali if you own one? What do you like/love or not like about it?
  15. hmmmm, there isn't anything I don't like about Ali. I'm really enjoying and using these bags. I like the size, the length of the strap, long enough to fit against the body, short enough to carry on the arm. The slouch, the smell of leather, the stripes!

    I find the flap easier than a zipper. If I don't happen to have a pocket on my clothing, I put my keys in the pocket under the flap. I have black, white, brown, charcoal, natural and zebra slim flap (half an Ali!) So Yes, I am an Ali FREAK!
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