Love Tanjane maxi dresses

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  1. Has anyone got the Love Tanjane dress that Nicole Richie wore? I recently bought this dress but not sure about it as the main colour on the one I received is a dark orangey/rust colour and it's not broken up by the mustard/yellow like Nicole's is. Not sure if it suits my colouring (dark hair, very pale olive skin). The pictures online make the dress look paler (like pastel colours) than the one I've got.

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  2. I think Nicole looks like a dump in that dress LOL just something about it.. maybe it's too big for her small frame or something, I'm not sure. IMO those dresses are hard to pull off.
  3. That's a bit harsh - lol! I think she looks great in it.
  4. aww I'm sorry, that was a bit blunt! lol I love nicole when she is on the red carpet! I think she always looks so chic!
  5. That dress is not flattering on her at all.